Terming air pollution as a regional and international issue, Environment, Forest and Climate Change Minister Saber Hossain Chowdhury has said the regional cooperation and coordination at the South Asian level, particularly in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, are necessary to address the problem.

“Air pollution is not just a problem for a country rather, it is a regional and international issue as pollution in one country affects other countries,” Saber Hossain made the remarks while addressing a seminar titled "Save Your Breath: Policy Dialogue on Clean Air Imperatives" held at a hotel in Dhaka on Monday.

He also stressed the importance of increasing the use of technology to prevent air pollution and the need for coordinated actions from all parties. Saber Hossain said that air pollution causes not only physical harm but also economic damage, and therefore, every citizen must work to control pollution from their own position.

“We are contributing to noise and air pollution in various ways, which adversely affects the health of people,” he said. He said the government is planning to explore alternative energy options and called upon all relevant authorities to come forward to properly enforce laws to combat air and environmental pollution in the country.

Prof Dr. Abdus Salam of the Chemistry Department of Dhaka University presented a keynote on Dhaka's air pollution during the seminar. Other speakers included Nahim Razzaq, convener of Bangladesh Climate Parliament and Member of Parliament; Stefan Liller, UNDP Resident Representative in Bangladesh, Adil Mohammad Khan, president of Bangladesh Institute of Planners, Anjali Kaur, deputy assistant administrator of the USAID Asia Bureau and Imran Ahmed, deputy executive director of Shakti Foundation.

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