Policymakers, researchers on water and climate change, environmentalists, technical experts and development practitioners at an international conference on water have underscored the need for wise use of water to ensure its availability for future generations. “Water saves lives. However, we use more water than we need. We also misuse it. Since water is essential for survival, we must conserve it for the future generations. We have to use water wisely to ensure its availability for future generations. And measures must be taken now before it is too late,” they said.  Speaking at the opening ceremony of the conference as the chief guest, Environment, Forest and Climate Change Minister Saber Hossain Chowdhury said that climate change poses existential crisis, particularly impacting water, a vital element for humankind and all ecosystems. “Our challenge is to solve this problem faster than we create it. We can’t keep contributing to this crisis without effective solutions,” he added.  

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